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From last a few years of search engine optimization we're studying that one way links are the maximum essential component for search engine ranking. still now back-links are important but there are different many elements for search engine rating. if you build unqualified spam back-links or do any blackhat seo on your internet site then your site will never get ranked in any search engines. So it's absolutely very crucial to create pleasant back-links for your internet site. if you have relevant one-way links and search engine optimization optimized content then no person can stop you from seek engine rating. So in this case we are introducing our back-links checker device. it's completely free seo device every person can use it for their internet site. The working system of this device is quite simple but the work is just too massive. It indicates how many area exactly pointing your domain as oneway links. what number of back links you have in google and what number of you've got in bing search engines like google. If you are attempting to get your web sites ranking then it's incredibly advocated to apply this inbound link checker device due to the fact best this tools can provide you with understanding of genuine inbound links range. you could also test your key phrases role by means of the usage of our unfastened keywords function Checker device. that is superb. we are hoping our free search engine optimization tools will offer you an remaining search engine optimization answer.